4th Annual: 710 Degree Cup

By Errl Cup (other events)

Saturday, July 13 2019 11:00 AM 6:00 PM MST

The 710 Degree Cup is a Cannabis Awards and Festival. We are having the FOURTH Annual 710 Degree Cup in Phoenix AZ. 

Our events are focused on patient appreciation and dispensary accountability. It is free for card-holding MMJ patients to attend. We have MMJ exhibitors, live music, local food, giveaways, FREE samples, contests, games, VIP lounge and much more!

The FOURTH installment of 710 Degree Cup will be secret shopping the greater Phoenix dispensaries for Concentrates! The secret shops will then be blindly tested by our sponsoring laboratory and broken down into FREE judge kits that will be randomly given out to AZ patients (who register on our website) to judge and report on the medication in a score card. (Also follow us on Social Media to Win!) Voluntary entries are also accepted and tested/judged the same way. 

Join us when we award The 710 Degree Cup for 19 Dispensary categories and 12 Patient categories. Uncovering who in Arizona has the best and worst medicine. Come have fun at a free medicated celebration while finding out where the best medication in Arizona is for MMJ Patients. 

This is just another thank you from the 710 Degree Cup; because without you there would be no MMJ!